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Edna Ligon

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Edna Ligon

Edna Ligon

August 30, 1958-June 22, 2022

On June 22, 2022, our beautiful sister Edna, passed away after a long battle with lupus. She was a complex, multifaceted woman with a big personality. Edna led an extremely accomplished life. She was a graduate of Howard University in Washington, DC, where she was the yearbook editor two years in a row. At Brawley High she was an outstanding student-athlete who frequently made the honor roll and was part of the women’s basketball team that went to the state finals. Edna also modeled for Merle Norman cosmetics for many years which fit with her fashionable style. She was always well-dressed, coordinating her hats, shoes, and many purses.

Edna was passionate and determined. She didn’t let obstacles stop her from enjoying life. She was giving of her time and opinions, unflinching in her beliefs and support of the underdog. She participated in the many marches in Washington DC including the fight against South African apartheid and MLKs 25th anniversary speech at the Lincoln Memorial. She actively encouraged others to stand up and be counted, strive for positive change in their lives, and to do the unexpected.

Edna was a voracious reader and had a quick wit. She was a history/political buff and paid close attention to detail. She could remember every word of a conversation. A staunch feminist, she embodied the strength and vitality that was passed down to her from the many generations of strong women in her ancestry. She believed in her core that a woman could do anything a man could do, and most times better.

Edna was unabashedly proud of her heritage and community as an African American woman. She didn’t care what others thought of her and lived her life with that same determination and freedom. She loved Wild Turkey and a good debate with friends. She loved all kinds of music - Janis Joplin, Rod Stewart, Gil Scott Heron and Hugh Masakela and had interesting hobbies. She made pottery, stitch clothing, and wrote poetry and plays. She loved turtles and cats.

Edna was smart, stubborn, sassy, demanding, sometimes unforgiving, but always full of life and love. She told tall tales much like our father, George, captivating the room while spinning yarns. She lavished gifts and attention on her family members and expressed her love for them in uncommon ways. She truly was a woman before her time.

She fought hard against this disease, making peace with the inevitable long before we, her family, did. She battled it with a grace and maturity that most can only hope to obtain. Edna was the last survivor of her Lupus support group, exceeding her life expectancy by more than 20 years. She never wavered from who she was. She didn't accept pity for her fate and refused to let this disease define who she was. She remained true to herself throughout.

She suffered in silence, endured immense pain and loss of mobility and the ability to live life in the manner she preferred. She insisted on living alone and took responsibility for her own survival. Our sister would not want us to dwell on the sadness of loss and what could have been. She made no excuses for her circumstances. She would want all of us who loved her to move forward in life and do things to improve human existence and the environment.

Edna is survived by her sisters Victoria Biolsi, Verna Ligon, and Janice Ligon-Coleman and brother, Laurence Ligon. Nephews Ruben Ligon, Brian Ligon, and Lionel Lee. Niece Bianca Coleman. Great-nephews Sean Magana, Alonzo Ligon, Aaron Lee, and Atticus Ligon. Great-nieces Ashley Lee and Albriane Ligon.

We especially thank our nephew, Ruben Ligon, who over the last 8 years has been Edna’s right hand, taking her to appointments, doing all the little things that made her last days comfortable, providing her with an empathetic ear, and being a trusted advocate. She loved you very much and we do too.

Our hope and prayers are that she wherever her spirit is that she is in the comfort of our mother Hattie, father George, her favorite niece Lisa Lee, and brothers George Patrick and George Howard, and sister Georgia Frances.

Edna was a very private person, and in keeping with her wishes no funeral or service is planned. Her family will spread her ashes all over the world including the Nile River in Egypt this coming November

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