November election nominees for Brawley council posts announced



BRAWLEY — The nominees for Brawley City Council’s election on the November 7 ballot have been announced with two seat up for grabs.

Incumbent Sam Couchman, now serving as mayor, and Helen Noriega, mayor pro-tempore, are both running for re-election. Their terms end December 31, 2017.

New candidates Roman Castro and Luke Hamby will challenge the incumbents for their seats.

Castro is a professional organizer at the Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 569.

Hamby is a local construction business owner and musician/actor.

Also on the ballot is Measure W, the Brawley Utility Users Tax (UUT.) The current UUT is four percent and funds approximately 15 percent of the city’s general fund. It is set to expire in May 2018.

According to Brawley City Manager Rosanna Bayon Moore, if the UUT measure fails to pass in November’s election, the result will cause a reduction in many city services, including fire and police services.

Additionally, Measure X on the November ballot poses a question to voters on whether the office of the Brawley city treasurer should become an appointed position instead an elected one.

Other items on the November ballot include school board and Imperial Irrigation District seats throughout Imperial County.





  1. Here we go again” reduction in fire and police services” The administration should audit itself and reduce over spending on their own salaries to cover for measure W in part.

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