Noche de Boleros Performed at the Carmen Durazo Cultural Arts Center

CEART (State Center for the Arts) students and musicians give a breathtaking concert during Noche De Boleros y Canciones del Recuerro Friday evening in Calexico.

CALEXICO – Romance was in the air Friday evening at the Carmen Durazo Cultural Arts Center as several students and musicians from the State Center for the Arts located in Mexicali (CEART, Centro Estatal De Las Artes) performed “Noches de Boleros y Canciones del Recuerdo.”

A romantic setting, dimmed lights, love songs and acoustic guitar music set the ambiance for the evening as many couples attended to enrich their relationships, or in some cases, fall in love.

Carmen Durazo, a member of the Calexico Arts Commission Committee, said the group has been working on this project for quite a long time and was excited it had come to fruition.

“We have worked very hard in bringing art exhibits to the city,” said Durazo. “Our next goal was to bring music, and today, we are making this goal a reality.”

According to Durazo, the Calexico Arts Commission and CEART plan to hold monthly concerts with various types of music that will appeal to both adults and children.

Friday’s concert was free of charge for all who attended.

“We really don’t have many concerts in the city, so bringing this type of music — who people really love and during the “month of love” was just a perfect combination,” said Lizeth Legaspi, librarian at Enrique Camarena Library. “We are looking forward to the future concerts.”

According CEART student and musician Manuel Ruiz Arsate, bringing their music to the Valley is the perfect way to diffuse it while encouraging youth to find interest in this type of music.

“The Valley has a lot of hidden talent,” said Arsate. “If people have to opportunity to hear it, then they will appreciate it, while also finding an interest in this type of music.”

During the next few months, one of Arsate’s goal is to bring the Mexicali Orchestra made up of over 150 children between the ages of eight to fifteen years of age.

“We want every concert to be different such as the Mexicali Orchestra, piano concerts, and guitar concerts, in addition to creating our own orchestra here in the Valley,” said Arsate.

Calexico resident Edgar Rodarte said he was amazed by the performance, and said he hopes the Arts Commission continues to bring classical and traditional music that has been forgotten by today’s youth.