NoCCA & The Desert Review’s Artist of the Month – John Smerdon

John Smerdon mural
John Smerdon works on his mural on the Benson Building in Brawley as his mother, Debi Smerdon, looks on.

The NoCCA and Desert Review Artist of the Month for August is a young man recently graduated from Brawley Union and already making a mark on his hometown.

John SmerdonJohn Smerdon comes by his talent naturally, from nurturing his instincts since childhood, as well as genetically, as his mother, Debi Smerdon, is the owner/artist of DS Arts, an artist studio whose clients have gone on to win artistic achievements of their own.

According to John’s mother, “John was commissioned by Carolyn Benson to complete the first official, and completed, mural on a building within Brawley’s designated arts’ district since the Brawley Downtown Arts District had been established. He also has been commissioned for a giant project for Dr. Ramona Krutzik. John has been very productive and successful.”

John remembers since his youngest days having a tablet. “People loved my drawings and works, but only recently have I realized that I do have this amazing talent.”

“The person who inspired me would have to be my mother, she’s taught classes ever since I was little and I’ve always been surrounded by many different mediums of art. She really has been the most inspiring person in my life,” John says of Debi Smerdon.

“My artist view is more positive and whimsical, I tend not to stay on the ordinary path, but I also don’t stray into “negative” or “angry” art,” John says of his personal style. “Art is very important in my life because it’s a way to show people around me what I see and help them to understand who I am.

John is particularly impressed with an artist named Hannah Yata, “She is an oil painter who lives in New York, and really expresses herself with the use of vivid colors and beautiful, crazy images,” John said.

“I know I want to further my education in art by learning and mastering different mediums and techniques. Currently I’m only participating in DS Arts in Brawley, but I have done commissioned work and I am for hire for certain pieces and jobs.

Congratulations to John Smerdon as our August Artist of the Month.