No babies switched at birth


Pioneers Memorial Hospital Front


BRAWLEY – It was reported by a local newspaper that babies were ‘switched at birth’ at Pioneers Memorial Hospital (PMH).

A newborn baby was mistakenly taken from the nursery to the wrong room.

The mistake was discovered and rectified that same evening.

“It is a standard of practice here at PMH that we verify name and birth date,” said Larry Lewis, CEO of Pioneers. “All babies have ankle or wristbands at all times to verify who they are. The nurses are to match these bands with the mother when they enter a room.”

According to Mr. Lewis, this was the first time this had happened at PMH.

“We certainly don’t like to see anything like that to happen and we have apologized,” said Lewis. “Our policies were right, our procedures were right. It was an error and we fixed it. No babies were switched and taken from the hospital.”

One of the parents was upset and called the police. The police advised that this is a civil issue.

“Each of our employees is very dedicated,” said Lewis. “This is simply a case of human error.”

Approximately 1,800 babies are born at Pioneers every year.