Nightmare: Teen Boy Harasses Girls in Their Bathroom, Colo. School Tells Girls They Have No Rights


Florence High School

Florence, Colo.—Attorneys with Pacific Justice Institute sent a strongly-worded letter this afternoon to school officials at , warning them against squelching student privacy and speech rights in order to cater to the wishes of a teenage boy who has been entering girls’ bathrooms on campus.
“This is a nightmare scenario for the teenage girls—some of them freshmen—and their parents at this school,” noted PJI staff attorney Matthew McReynolds, who sent the letter to Principal Brian Schipper and Superintendent Rhonda Vendetti. “This is exactly the kind of horror story we have been warning would accompany the push for radical transgender rights in schools, and it is the type of situation that LGBT activits have been insisting would not happen.”

Parents at the school, located near Colorado Springs, became irate when they learned that a teenage boy was entering girls’ bathrooms and, according to some students, even making sexually harassing comments toward girls he was encountering.  When the parents confronted school officials, they were stunned to be told the boy’s rights as a self-proclaimed transgender trumped their daughters’ privacy rights.  As the controversy grew, some students were threatened by school authorities with being kicked off school athletic teams or charged with hate crimes if they continued to voice concerns.  The parents became aware of PJI’s Notice of Reasonable Expectation of Privacy and contacted PJI for help.

The letter sent today by PJI explains that the non-transgender students retain significant privacy rights that are being ignored by the school.  The letter also points out that Florence High has not taken minimal precautions such as requiring the student to continuously and exclusively identify with one gender.  According to student witnesses, he sometimes uses girls’ bathrooms and other times uses boys’ facilities.

“We’re not going to stand by and let 99.7% of our students lose their privacy and free speech rights just because .3% of the population are gender-confused,” stated Brad Dacus, the president of Pacific Justice Institute.  “LGBT activists are sacrificing the safety and sanity of our schools to push an extreme political agenda.  This battle is no longer confined to California or Colorado; it is spreading to every part of the nation.  It is crucial that we act now to prevent a crippling blow to our constitutional freedoms.”

PJI is demanding assurances from the school that privacy and expressive rights will be protected and any accommodations will not involve the girls giving up access to most of their restrooms, as has previously been suggested by the school.

Earlier this year, PJI led the opposition in California to AB 1266, the most sweeping legislation yet to assert transgender rights in schools.  That law, which is set to take effect January 1, 2014, is currently being targeted by a citizen referendum drive.  Californians who have not yet signed a petition should visit to get involved.  PJI’s Notice of Reasonable Expectation of Privacy is available in both California and nationwide versions, and can be accessed at


  1. The Daily Mail has just retracted the story, after checking.

    Partial transcript of testimony by the school superintendent:

    “VENDETTI: “Nothing has actually been verified with us. This is one parent basically bringing their viewpoint about this situation to the media because they weren’t getting the responses that they hoped they would get from the district, from parents of students at the high school, or from the board and myself. So I think it’s just an attempt to elevate the situation to a point where maybe some more attention can be drawn to that in the hope of having a different outcome. But to our knowledge and based on our investigation, none of those things have actually happened. We do have a transgender student at the high school and she has been using the women’s restroom. There has not been a situation.”

    • In a clarifying note, the PJI has now stated that the presence of a trans girl at the school is inherently “harassing and intimidating”. That is what they now admit they meant by “sexual harassment” in their letter to the school. Since the school has stated on the record that one of their students who has attended the school for many years is transsexual, they consider their claim of “harassment” proven.

  2. Interview with school superintendent:

    Their legal team is taking steps to stem the tide of falsehood in this story. It’s a hoax, politically inspired malicious gossip. Lies, to put it bluntly. No harassment occurred.

    The DesertReview’s though is the only article though that states as fact that “sexually harassing comments” were made. I’m sure their lawyers will be very interested in who came up with that one.

    • I see the PJL has put out a press release on their website 2 days after the DesertReview story, repeating much of it word-for-word.

      Who’s plagiarising whom?

  3. From an apparent eye-witness, via CharismaNews:

    “As a Christian girl who attends FHS, I’d just like to say that I’ve never been harassed by this individual not have I ever seen him harass anyone else. He’s actually shy and a nice person. Do I think he should be able to use the girls bathroom? I’m torn. He either uses our bathroom and makes MAYBE 30% of the girls uncomfortable, or he uses the boy’s restroom and gets beat up. I don’t feel uncomfortable by him. Also, there are a lot of holes in this story. No parents initially complained. There was a mass Facebook message that included 150+ students and parents, outing him publicly. It was such a big deal, all electronic devises were confiscated if seen that day. THEN it was a problem and parents complained. This boy wasn’t treated fairly. As a Christian, I had to put the truth out there. He didn’t hurt or harass anyone.”

  4. The age old adage certainly holds true in this modern day situation- “if you shake it more than once you’re playin with yourself”. For urinals in the ladies room anyone?

    • Once managed Clarence, who became Elaine. Things went well, except for the bathroom.Elaine was 6’3″ and homely. Got her a new job where they didn’t know her & she did well.

  5. “Support All Students” should be named “Support 0.3% of students remaining in their unfortunate state of confusion.”

    • Thomas Jefferson, in his 1801 inaugural address, emphasized that the majority must never rule at the expense of the rights of the minority. Such principles, that were duly disregarded initially, finally gave way toward equal rights for blacks, females, gays, and are continuing to do so for other disenfranchised groups.

      • I find myself irritated when the LGBT movement tries to hitch their wagons to the 1960’s civil rights movement. There’s a pretty significant difference between not allowing boys in the girl’s bathroom and arresting/beating/lynching people for being on the wrong side of town with a different skin color.

        • we females with a transgender history don’t want boys in the girls bathroom either. Many keep calling us “males”, and “boys” and that’s just fine……because my state ID shoes neither. It shows female, which is what I would show to prove my sex. After 4 1/2 years, have never had to. I must no longer appear like a boy or male…… matter what others hope, wish, and pray that I look like. So no offense taken.

        • actually, look into the science of being transgender. it’s not a choice any more than skin color. also there’s the whole thing of some of us being lynched/beaten/arrested/killed in some other violent way just for being our natural selves and committing no atrocities. the ‘hitching our wagons to the 1960s civil rights movement’ is simply because that era should have proven that everyone deserves equality no matter how different they are than you. but unless you actually go through being transgender, you can’t even begin to appreciate what it means, even if you accept it. i’ve got friends who understand that, and don’t try to even say they know how i feel or what i go through. but anyways, my point was, all movements for equality are intertwined. none of us really know what it’s like to be part of any persecuted group of people, so we need to learn to just understand that some of us are going through something that we can’t comprehend, show some basic human respect and decency, and get on with our lives. because at the end of the day, the lgbt crowd isn’t hurting anyone by being what they are, whether you agree with them or not, or whether you think that they are making a choice or not… so why not give them a break?

  6. By ‘succeed’ ‘Support All Students’ means succeed in pushing their perversions on others.

    As long as we have government schools the powers of political correctness will continue to reign supreme. Get your kids our of government schools!

    • You got it right…..I would not have my kids in one of these government schools if it was the last thing I did! Get your kids out…the sooner the better!

      • designate on bathroom on the school for either boy or girl and let me use that one. but stay out of the main stream bathroom used by the others. this is a crazy to let them go into the girls bathroom along with my daughter.. no way…

  7. AB 1266 is an important law that makes sure all students, including transgender students, have a fair chance at success. For more perspective about ensuring all students have the opportunity to succeed at school, please check out

    • I can’t begin to understand how allowing a boy (regardless of how he views himself) in a girl’s restroom is allowing him to “succeed in school”! That’s absolutely crazy!

      • You don’t understand because you don’t TRY to understand. you don’t have to think about these things so you don’t, you just default to tradition. I’m sure there was a time when millions of white people could not possibly imagine how it could make any difference if blacks were segregated into their own schools and everyone made sure they used the “colored only” restroom. After all, it was traditional, right?

    • This is a total violation of children that are not transgender. The American people need to stand up for what is right. When doctors started performing sex changes, things got a lot worse…

      • how is it a violation? do you realize that there are many cultures throughout history, including some in existence today, in which the sexes are not segregated in such facilities?

        Sex segregation is not a moral thing, it’s a cultural tradition no more a matter of sin than whether or not a woman should wear pants.

        • let’s also not forget some culture embrace their transgenders for who they are, and hold them in high regard.

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