Hurtado alleged assault case

EL CENTRO — Alejandra Hurtado, the El Centro Police Department officer charged with violating PC 236 (False Imprisonment) and PC 245(a)(4) (Assault: Deadly Weapon — by means of force/produce great bodily injury), was scheduled for a motion hearing Monday, November 23, at the Imperial County Superior Courthouse in El Centro.

Hurtado was physically present along with her attorney Earl Robertson. Armando Galvan represented the prosecution. 

After the Honorable Judge L. Brooks Anderholt recapped the case timeline, he asked if the prosecution was prepared to declare ‘ready’ — meaning ready to continue with subsequent court proceedings.

Galvan requested an extension citing Government Code 1382.

Anderholt reminded the prosecution of the formalities surrounding GC 1382 and that it was up to the judge to pursue an extension for the betterment of the court, not for the convenience of either side.

The extension request was denied by Anderholt, then asked the prosecution, for the second time, if they were prepared to declare ‘ready.’

Galvan stated they were ready to continue.

Anderholt explained how other trials and COVID-19 jury vetting processes indirectly impact Hurtado’s case. As per Anderholt, a jury is anticipated to be available by next week.

All parties were ordered to return to the Imperial County Superior Courthouse in El Centro on Monday, November 30.

Witnesses were placed on telephonic standby until further notice.

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