Trump ralliers gather to pray before starting the parade Saturday, October 24.

EL CENTRO — Jacob Parra handed route direction flyers to cars entering the former Lucky’s grocery store in El Centro Saturday, October 24. According to Parra, they printed 500, and he had a few left in his hand and another small pile on the head table to give to each car.

“This is another good turnout,” Parra said looking over the full parking lot as Trump supporters were busy hanging Trump and US flags on trucks, vans, cars, tractors, and RV’s.

Patriotic music was blaring from speakers as those who finished decorating their vehicles mingled with other like-minded citizens — some masked, others not. At times it looked like a football game tailgate party as many were barbequing hotdogs and food was everywhere. 

It was Parra’s family that organized the Trump rally last weekend, now he was just a helper as Dan Flores took up the mantle to organize Saturday evening’s rally after talking to so many individuals who were disappointed they couldn’t participate in the first.

Dan Flores is a passionate Trump follower, saying he was with him the moment he went down the escalator announcing his candidacy. As a law enforcement officer working for the State of California, Trump’s strong law and order message resonated with Flores as well as his pro-life stance.  

“I love that the man puts America first. He loves his Country, and he loves the people of this Country,” Flores said. “Vote for Trump and keep your rights and your liberty, vote for Biden and live under a socialist government. I put America first and law and order. Immigrants come to this Country because they are escaping socialism. Where will they go if we lose America?” 

A few protestors visited the rally, mainly staying on the outskirts, but spouting obscenities with mouth and hands. 

“The protestors don’t bother me," Flores remarked. "We don’t stand for disrespect or cursing people out like they do, but hey, they have a right to be here.”

Flores called for a prayer before journeying out, and everyone bowed their head, then headed for their vehicle as one by one vehicles fell into line as the slow procession began in El Centro. The parade was led by the RV, followed by the semi-truck.

Social Media had several complaints of last week’s parade going through residential areas with a long line of honking vehicles. Saturday’s parade route kept the caravan on main thoroughfares as they traveled to Brawley, went down Main Street, returned to Highway 86 via Malan, then headed to Imperial, cruising through town and back to Lucky’s in El Centro.

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