Coronavirus testing

Health workers at the California Department of Health conduct Coronavirus testing.

A total number of 9 positive cases have been reported in Imperial County.                                                  


EL CENTRO — The Imperial County Public Health department announced three additional positive COVID-19 cases Tuesday, bringing the total number of positive cases in Imperial County to nine. Each of the three new cases has been linked to having close contact with previously confirmed local cases. All three reported mild symptoms that did not require hospitalization and are recovering at home. 

“We understand that the continued increase of positive cases is concerning for Imperial County residents,”  said Imperial County Health Officer, Dr. Stephen Munday. “This underscores the importance for residents to heed to the recommendations for social distancing and self-isolation. These measures requiring residents to stay at home and maintain social distancing will help reduce the spread the virus in the community. 

“Prior to the stay-at-home orders, Public Health reached out to individuals who may have had prolonged exposure with a case to have them isolate themselves in their homes and monitor themselves for symptoms. They were informed that if they develop symptoms that require medical attention to contact their health-care provider,” Dr. Munday. 

According to the release, the County is asking everyone to function as if they have been exposed, which is why local officials have taken the strict measures to have people stay home. The County further asks for residents to not seek testing if symptoms aren't present, but seek medical care if you have severe symptoms. Everyone is urged to contact their healthcare provider before their visit. The best way to ensure individuals reduce their exposure to COVID-19 is to remain at home, keep at least six feet of distance from others, and monitor themselves for symptoms.

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