IMPERIAL - Jodi Rollins, founder of Rollins Creative LLC, hosted a Women’s Business Empowerment Event on Friday, September 14, at the Ricochet Rec Center. The event was open to businesswomen, stay at home moms, women looking to get started with their own business ideas, or women looking to meet other empowered women.

According to Rollins, the goal of the event was to inspire, empower, and connect business women. Naming the event ‘Power Up!’ Rollins decided that it was time to empower local women by giving them tips, motivational speeches, and connections to other women with similar struggles.

“Hopefully, this can give women a new way of thinking and help them to push through, even though things are difficult. ‘Power Up!’ sounds like a cliché, but if you’re here you’ll see the difference between clichés and actually applying it to your life,” said Rollins.

Women from Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District, Imperial Valley College, and other local businesses supported and attended the event. Women were given the opportunity to network, exchange business cards, and break the ice.

According to Patricia Ojeda, co-founder of Ojeda Industries, there are always women working behind the scenes that don’t get recognized for their efforts.

“I’m so proud of Jodi Rollins. She is promoting positive encouragement in the Ag industry and especially with women. She encourages women from all walks of life, not just business women,” said Ojeda.

TED Talk style speeches, presentations, and empowerment exercises gave the local women confidence, ideas for the future, and tips to overcome internal struggles as a business woman, according to several guests.

Rollins explained that many business women struggle with internal conflict more than external factors, according to her research. She explained ten ‘Power Pushers’ that keep business women from succeeding.

Her first power pusher was believing that you can’t do something. Rollins said not believing is the first step in defeat.

Rollins explained how negative thoughts are easier to come by than positive ones, but much harder to get rid of.

“These power pushers stop us from being successful and being our best selves. We hold ourselves back. We are our own worst enemy. So what do we do when we face these power pushers? We power up,” said Rollins.

Her three steps for powering up include acknowledging the negativity, feeling it, and doing it anyways, then holding yourself accountable. First, she said, acknowledge that you’re having those negative thoughts. Second, feel it, but complete your task anyway. Lastly, hold yourself accountable by taking that first step and making yourself do it.

“We need to put a stop to negative thinking. It’s easy to sit up late at night with negative ideas about why we can’t do something, but we need to do it anyways. Even if it feels like we can’t do it because of those negative thoughts, do it anyways. Power Up,” said Rollins.


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