EL CENTRO — A high speed chase in El Centro eventually led to Calexico as the El Centro Police Department identified a stolen car Friday.

ECPD dispatch advised patrol vehicles of a hit they received on a stolen vehicle, June 3, just after noon, according to an ECPD press release. The hit was derived from the regional Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) program which sends automatic alerts into the ECPD Communications Center. 

The report said the vehicle was a 1999 Honda Civic and was northbound on Imperial Avenue. The vehicle was located and pulled over on Scott just west of Imperial as patrol officers readied for a felony stop. 

Although the suspects appeared to comply, the vehicle sped away from the traffic stop. The officers followed in pursuit, the report said. The vehicle went down residential streets before returning to Imperial Avenue, going south. 

At this point, the release said that the driver appeared to intentionally ram two cars; the suspect struck a sedan and another SUV in order to continue evading officers. The driver continued the pursuit onto Adams Avenue, and later, on La Brucherie at a high rate of speed.

The vehicle continued south on La Brucherie and out of the city of El Centro before turning eastbound on Highway 98 toward Calexico, per the release. Due to the reckless nature of the driver’s actions, potential additional risks were weighed as the pursuit headed into the city of Calexico. The decision was made by the supervisor to terminate the pursuit of the vehicle. 

The vehicle continued into the city of Calexico, the report said. Allied agencies were notified and at about 1:12 p.m., officers from the Calexico Police Department were able to locate the vehicle and recover it. 

The release said the driver was described as a Hispanic male adult and the passenger as a Hispanic male juvenile were not located. Thankfully, no injuries occurred during the pursuit and the only property damage was the two vehicles struck by the fleeing vehicle. 

These cases start as simple stolen property crimes, but the decision of the driver to evade officers not only endangers themselves but the general public, and elevates their potential for additional, more serious criminal charges. Often, these types of events end in tragedy that could have been avoided.

If anyone has information regarding the possible identity of the suspect(s) in this case, The El Centro Police Department asks that you contact them.

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