Introduction by Justus R. Hope, MD, cont.

Dr. Brian Tyson, All Valley Urgent Care Physician in El Centro, California

Dr. Brian Tyson is a friend and colleague of Dr. Fareed. Dr. Tyson owns and operates All Valley Urgent Care in El Centro, California. El Centro is a border town located about 20 miles south of Brawley. Dr. Brian Tyson has already saved thousands of lives. He took out a $250,000 personal loan to order Personal Protective Devices and COVID-19 testing equipment when he could not acquire these from the Health Department or CDC. 

Dr. Tyson is a no-nonsense doctor who practices in the trenches of COVID-19. He treats migrant farmworkers and meat-packing house employees who don't have the luxury of social distancing. Dr. Tyson is a warrior.

He has now treated over 6000 patients with COVID-19 and saved every single one of them. Not a single death with early treatment. Only four hospitalizations and unfortunately lost 3 who presented to his clinic too late in the disease to treat as an outpatient. 

Did he make medical history or win a Nobel Prize? Or did he receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award?  No.

He was informed that his license might be in jeopardy if he were to treat more patients with HCQ. This drug has acquired a bad name through fraudulent and retracted studies, a drug that has been safely used for decades. This drug has only recently been demonized by political opponents of the President.

Watch Dr. Tyson's Interview where he explains all of this. And read the book, Surviving Cancer, COVID-19 and Disease: The Repurposed Drug Revolution. If you are worried about COVID-19, turn off the television, turn off CNN, save the New York Times for wrapping fish, and get the truth from Dr. Tyson.

Who says they don't censor in America?

Doctors rarely use terms like miracle. It is considered unscientific by some. I suppose other doctors might be worried about criticism. However, during the COVID-19 Pandemic when the FDA and CDC tell you that there is no effective prevention or treatment for COVID-19 and a physician documents almost 2,000 cases in a row of cure, the word "miracle" comes to mind. Dr. Tyson's story is the stuff of legends. 

It is tantamount to a miracle when the U.S. and world economies have been brought to their knees from the Pandemic. When the so-called top experts in the United States have reported that the only hope in sight is a vaccine that must be rushed. 

Today, in 2020, the American public is asked to believe that cowering at home in fear behind masks is the "new normal" and that to do anything else is both unscientific and unpatriotic. I might have believed this too, had it not been for the fortuitous occurrence of brain cancer in one of my colleagues: a health care professional I had known for 30 years.

I had to do everything possible to help him, including questioning the status quo and standard treatment of chemo/radiation/surgery. I researched world medical literature. And I found that repurposed drug cocktails could offer better survival chances. This was in accord with known studies and accepted science. However, it was not supported by the "old guard", those groups affiliated with Big Pharma and Big Tech. 

The old boys club wanted patients to submit to the standard treatment that typically cost $100,000 and resulted in death. I grew angry. I realized that I had never been taught about the benefits of repurposed drug cocktails. I told my friend and his family. He has received them - some of these drugs against the advice of his oncologist. However, his tumor is shrinking. He is defying the odds, and ten months into this, he is improving. 

This led to repurposed drugs for COVID-19. Now Dr. Tyson has treated over 6000 patients with COVID-19 with the same repurposed triple-drug cocktail to which my readings also pointed. And every patient was cured. Guess what? This cocktail is prohibited in almost 40 states by the "old guard." The time has come for repurposed drug cocktails to be used to save lives, whether they are politically correct or not. 

All Americans are guaranteed the right to "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" regardless of the profit motive of corrupt governmental agencies. That is why I wrote and published the book Surviving Cancer COVID-19 and Disease: The Repurposed Drug Revolution. In this book, you can learn about these drug combinations that can save your life from everything from AIDS to Terminal Cancer to COVID-19. 

And you can read about the story that motivated cancer expert Dr. George Fareed to take on Dr. Anthony Fauci and launch a Congressional Inquiry. Learn about the most remarkable scandal and coverup in history since Watergate. Learn about the health care fraud that has caused the needless deaths of over 200,000 Americans. 

Read the story of "The Miracle of the Imperial Valley." You will never look at health care again the same. 

July 2021                  

Justus R. Hope, MD

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Redding, California

For further help or when pharmacist declines, loses or refuses Dr. Fareed's prescriptions, use telemedicine covid doctors:

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Having worked in the Health Care Filed as a Licensed Health Care Worker for years, I can attest first hand our system is set up to put Profits before care, compassion and humanity. I've seen first hand very sick people brought in, needing to be admitted, but due to specific guidelines by their carrier they could not be admitted while other with better insurance could be admitted for the exact same illness. The politicization of COVID 19 is not surprising. Sadly it will end in the deaths of too many Americans

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