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I want to bring to your attention the situation I heard on social media and with some relatives south of the border and later confirmed about Mexican nationals coming to Imperial, San Diego, and Coachella Valley’s through the Mexicali-Calexico Port of Entry with the purpose of getting free vaccine for COVID-19.

It wouldn’t be a problem if these individuals were paying for it in local pharmacies or medical facilities, however, it has been brought to our attention that some of them are coming to community health fairs as undocumented people, taking advantage of California’s weak screening procedures and our federal government’s apparently open borders policy. The most recent, known, and concerning case was Baja, Mexico’s Assemblymember for Mexicali Mr. Victor Navarro, who this past Friday attended a health fair in Calexico, requested and got a free COVID-19 shot without paying a single dollar for it, getting a vaccine that should have been for an Imperial Valley resident. This free vaccination tourism is unacceptable and immediate action should be taken from our County officials, CBP, and all others involved in this scam on our Country’s health system and economy.   

In this particular case, we demand to know why was Mr. Navarro allowed to get a free vaccine, what was his declared visit purpose, why didn’t he get charged, or did he provide a fake Social Security number, did he declared to be illegal resident or more concerning, did he get preferential treatment in account of his government position?


Serena Sanchez Bartlett on behalf of concern residents of Imperial County

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What a surprise, Mexican nationals cheating our system and taking benefits meant for US citizens (like education, food stamps, medical treatment, etc..)

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