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Spread the Love Charity receives a generous donation from Molina Healthcare September 18: a van filled with water bottles and soup.

EL CENTRO — In an effort to aid El Centro’s homeless community, Molina Healthcare donated a vehicle to Spread the Love charity September 18 at the Main Street facility; assembly member Eduardo Garcia was present to hand over the keys.  

“We want to address the needs that the homeless may have but also we want to battle homelessness,” said founder of Spread the Love Charity, Jessica Solorio.

Solorio, her family, and volunteers operate the nonprofit charity organization.

“We are here to provide for those that have no home, no friends, no family, no one’s couch to sleep on, that are hungry, that don’t know where to go, that are tired and don’t know what resources are out there,” said Solorio. 

John Kotal, Molina Healthcare's president, gave a brief speech following Solorio's comments.

“Molina’s mission is to be in the local community and to work with charities such as Spread the Love and to assist with other needs that we don’t necessarily address with our medical insurance,” said Kotal.  

According to organizers, this year Molina was able to select a van from a fleet of corporate office vans that weren’t being utilized by their facilities.

“Spread the Love came to mind ... and by making this donation we’re able to play a small role in helping,” said Kotal.

Assembly member Eduardo Garcia spoke briefly about regional and statewide homeless issues before officially presenting the vehicle's keys to the Spread the Love Charity staff.  

“It’s great to be able to be here to give you the keys to your van that will allow you to continue to operate efficiently and effectively,” said Garcia.

As an added surprise when the van was unveiled, hundreds of donated water bottles and Cup O'Noodles filled up the back.          

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