Missing couple

BRAWLEY — After a social media frenzy involving the Brawley police and the Imperial County sheriff's department, a missing couple has been found safe in the Valley and reunited with the man's mother.

Kay Burgess from Springfield, Missouri, had set about to find her son and his girlfriend who disappeared under suspicious circumstances.

According to Burgess’ post on Facebook two weeks ago, her son, James Boley, 20, and his girlfriend, Stacy Best, had recently moved to St. George, Utah, and rented a room in someone’s house. Her post said that after paying first and last month’s rent, they were invited to drive down to Brawley and the young couple agreed.

Burgess said in the post that her son, who calls her at least every other day, called when they arrived in Brawley, Saturday, August 17, around 9:40 a.m. The mother also said he posted on Facebook up until 2:30 p.m. that day.

With no word from the missing couple, they turned up Tuesday, August 20, at 12:49 a.m. Another couple was driving in a remote area of El Centro, and as they approached the intersection of W. Evan Hewes and Austin Road, they spotted two people walking along the desolate road. They immediately called 911 in fear of the condition the two might have been in with temperatures registering 112° that day, according to a recent update on the couple.

A deputy showed up to speak with the couple; they both had valid ID’s and were identified as Stacy May Best and James Devin Boley. The deputy was unaware of their missing status but asked if they were OK and James said they were and told the deputy they were headed to Seeley and from there to San Diego, on foot, according to the logs.

The deputy advised them that it was not a good idea given the heat, along with the rough terrain to attempt such a difficult task. In the logs he noted that they only had one bottle of water between the two of them. The clothing they were wearing, listed on his report, was Stacy in jeans and a pink shirt and James wearing jeans and a white shirt.

On Thursday August 22, James' mother, Pam, had grown extremely concerned when she had not spoken with him since Saturday, August 17, when he had called her from Brawley to say that he and Stacy had made it safely and they would be returning to Utah the following day with their roommates. After making several calls, it became apparent the two never made it back to Utah, the mother reported on a Facebook page she set up to find her son. She then filed a missing person report in Brawley August 22. A few hours after filing the report, she placed a call to James’ phone, and for the first time in days, someone picked up; the person identified themselves as an employee of a market in Seeley where the phone had been found. 

According to an update on the Facebook page, law enforcement had the phone and are viewing security footage to verify that it was James who lost the phone.

How the couple reconnected with the young man's mother is unknown at this time, but the mother had traveled to the Valley to see her son. The mother and the couple have not returned messages by The Desert Review to answer questions.

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Hope they are found and safe. Can not imagine what the family is going through.


Has there been any updates on this intriguing story?

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