$28 million approved for the New River clean-up project!

SACRAMENTO—The California Senate Budget Subcommittee 2 on Resources, Environmental Protection, Energy and Transportation and the California Assembly Budget Subcommittee 3 on Resources and Transportation both voted to approve the $28 million proposed for the New River in the governor’s initial budget draft; $18 million one-time general fund and $10 million from Proposition 68, according to the California State Assembly release.

Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella), chair of the assembly committee on water, parks, and wildlife and joint author of Proposition 68, has released the following statement commending this progress:

“We are pleased to report that both our Senate and Assembly budget subcommittees have voted to approve the money proposed for the New River Improvement Project in this year’s initial budget draft. All our diligent advocacy efforts and coordination with the governor’s administration are being recognized. I want to thank Governor Newsom and my colleagues in the legislature for understanding how critical New River clean-up is to the environmental, economic, and public health of our region. This alignment would grant us a total of $28 million to commence with New River clean-up in Calexico. We will continue to work alongside our local leaders to finalize and ensure the delivery of these funds.”

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So here's the question, Why are American Tax payers paying to clean Mexicali Mexico's Raw Sewage that flows into the US, and how can this one time 26 million dollar payment stop the flow from coming in???

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