Harry Jason Jackson

Harry Jason Jackson charged with perjury.

BRAWLEY — Harry Jason Jackson was back in court Monday, December 9, for arraignment for violation of probation by violating the law as to the crime of perjury at the Brawley Courthouse.

November 19, the court denied Jackson’s request to dismiss his 10-day jail sentence and motion to terminate his three-year probation early. In a declaration signed under penalty of perjury, Jackson stated that he has not committed any probation violations, has been a law-abiding citizen, and has been a model citizen.

The Honorable Christopher J. Plourd noted that Jackson indicated no law violations during probation but was convicted of two traffic infractions.

Jackson was reprimanded to the Imperial County Sheriff to serve his jail sentence. He served five days of the sentence.

November 26, an Order Revoking Probation was filed by The People of the State of California versus Harry Jason Jackson. The court took notice of its own records and determined that Jackson had not successfully completed probation as claimed in his declaration because he was convicted of two separate criminal infractions. The two different traffic violations were both taken to court and Jackson lost both cases. 

Along with the two traffic violations that were probation violations, Jackson also violated his probation a third time by violating the law as to the crime of perjury by stating he successfully completed his probation without violation.

Jackson’s attorney, Robert Espinoza, requested that Judge Christopher J. Plourd recuse himself from the case because of bias against Jackson.

Plourd denied the request and a hearing is set for January 8, 2020.

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Jackson should resign from the city council everything this caught up to him

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