IMPERIAL COUNTY — Imperial County Health officials announced the County is currently on track to move to the Red Tier of the State of California Blueprint for a Safer California. According to the Blueprint framework, the change from Purple Tier to Red indicates that the County risk level for COVID-19 infections has shifted from widespread to substantial. 

According to the release, it is important to note that Imperial County must meet criteria for movement to the next less restrictive for two consecutive weeks in order to progress to the next tier. According to State metrics, Imperial County has already successfully met metrics for one week already. If criteria are met for an additional week, movement to the next tier could come as soon as March 9. The Imperial County Public Health Department will notify the public once all criteria have been met and is able to move forward. 

To advance to the Red Tier, the County must maintain the following metrics for an additional week.


Required Rate

Case Rate Per 100,000 population:

4 to 7

Testing Positivity Rate:

5 percent to 8 percent

Health Equity Quartile Rate:

5.3 percent to 8 percent

Imperial County Board of Supervisors Chairman Michael W. Kelley shared, “This is a big step on the road to recovery for our County. Although we are not officially moving to the Red, less restrictive tier yet, this is a great sign that our community is taking all actions possible to improve our conditions and to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Let’s continue our efforts so that we can stay on this path toward recovery.”

“This is the first time, since the start of the pandemic that Imperial County has been this close to moving out of the State’s most restrictive level for activities and businesses,” stated Dr. Stephen Munday, Imperial County Health officer. “This is very encouraging and reflective of our community’s collective efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 locally. Continuing to practice safety measures such as the use of face coverings, maintaining adequate social distance, and getting the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it is available, will go a long way in helping sustain the improvements we’re seeing.”

A move to the Red Tier will allow additional sectors to resume additional services and activities. For more information on the State’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy, current tier assignments, and metrics, please visit

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