Imperial Valley Fairgrounds

Carnival rides for children occupy an area near the north gate at Imperial Valley Fairgrounds in Imperial. 

IMPERIAL ­– The California Mid-Winter Fair Heritage Foundation, Inc. is awarding seven scholarships totaling $4,000 for 2023, according to the CMWFHF press release.  This Foundation was established in 2011 by members of our community who are dedicated to supporting projects to ensure continued operation of our Fair for the youth of our community. The Foundation is a non-profit that endeavors to serve and enrich the heritage of the California Mid-Winter Fair.  This scholarship fund was formed in 2019 to assist in continuing education for the Imperial Valley students in a technology school, trade school or college, with an emphasis in an agriculture area.

Congratulations to the award recipients who are Daniel Calsada, Karen Gonzalez, Abigail Hester, Gianna Irungaray, Gianni Mayo, Amber Weller, and Emily Phillips.   The scholarship is funded by a dinner and silent auction held annually.  Thank you to all the members of the CMWF Heritage Foundation who participated in this fund raising event and to the scholarship selection committee for selecting these outstanding students from our community.

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This is great. Thank you to the CA Midwinter Fair Heritage Foundation for championing our youth and their education. Our Fair should be supported by this community - it is indeed part of our heritage. The Imperial Valley was built on agriculture and the Fair is how we celebrate that. One thing that bothers me about this article is the photo accompanying it. To be clear, the Fair and the carnival (midway) are two separate things. The carnival is an attraction at the Fair, but not the actual Fair. Some fairs don't have carnivals and vice versa. The Fair is really about our youth. Preparing them for their futures and celebrating their efforts in the arts/crafts, performance, leadership, individual accomplishments, and of course, raising crops and animals. Many of these culminate in the auction and/or the ribbons assigned to the best of the best in each category. This photo should depict that, not the carnival. If a picture says a thousand words, this one is telling the wrong story. Again, thank you to the Heritage Foundation and long live our Fair.

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