Dr. George Fareed M.D.

Dr. George Fareed M.D.

The following is Dr. Fareed's speech to the Italian Senate, Rome, and Italy at the International COVID Summit Monday, Sept. 13.

You can watch part of the speech hereClosing remarks can be viewed here.

Thank you for that kind introduction.

Distinguished Senators and Dear colleagues, friends, ladies and gentlemen, it’s a great honor for me to address you today.

My name is Dr. George Fareed. I practice medicine in a rural town called Brawley California that sits on the Mexican border.  This small community became the epicenter of COVID 19 in California, and I, who continue to treat patients in both the outpatient and hospital setting, found myself in the “eye of the storm,” treating very sick and contagious patients----not a place I thought I would be at age 76.

However, my training in biochemistry and virology, along with my degree from Harvard Medical School, prepared me well for the battle ahead, a battle that I have been fighting now for the past 18 months.

I, along with my colleague Dr. Brian Tyson, are winning the battle against COVID-19 for one simple reason: we follow the science

COVID-19 is a disease that can be easily treated in its early stage, but comes very difficult to treat as the disease progresses. 

As scientists such as Drs. Didier Raoult, Vladimir Zelenko, and Peter McCullough have taught us, the first stage of COVID involves viral replication resulting in symptoms such as flu-like symptoms of cough, fever, malaise, headache, and perhaps loss of taste and smell---if a patient is left untreated, this may progress into “cytokine storm” where oxygen saturation drops, and then into the thromboembolic stage where blood clots occur that can be fatal.

I’ve treated patients in all three stages--- delaying treatment in an elderly or high-risk patient, those with co-morbidities such as asthma or diabetes, is nothing short of cruel as the disease predictably progresses—many then die.  The standard “wait and see” approach to COVID-19 has been the greatest medical failure I have seen in my long career because deaths are preventable- but you must treat early!  


Eighteen months ago, in March 2020, I, along with my colleague Dr. Brian Tyson, began treating COVID-19 patients early in the course of the disease with a combination of medications, initially primarily hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin or doxycylcine, and nutraceuticals including zinc, vitamin D and C.

As Dr. McCullough explains, medications such as hydroxychloroquine act as ionophores to allow zinc into the cell to interfere with viral replication. 

As time progressed, so did our treatment, and we added drugs such as ivermectin, fluvoxamine, and monoclonal antibodies, as well as aspirin and budesonide (steroid) to treat the other aspects of the disease.

We became part of an international network of physicians, including groups such as the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons led by Dr. McCullough and leaders such as Dr. Jean-Pierre Kiekens from Covexit.com---all engaged in one singular goal- saving lives through early treatment.

I developed my own protocols which vary slightly from patient to patient- depending on their clinical situation.

So- what do our results look like? 

We have now treated over 7,000 patients, and there has not been a single death in patients treated within the first 5 to 7 days of the onset of symptoms. NOT A SINGLE DEATH.  This includes patients with multiple co-morbidities as well as patients in their 90s!

As a medical director at a nursing home, while other nursing homes in the area suffered major losses, we saw very few deaths from COVID in our residents because of early treatment.

To put this in perspective, our County has seen around 30,000 COVID cases and there has been 750 deaths. We have treated over 20% of the patients, and have seen just a few deaths, and NONE when we have treated early.

Moreover—we are called on a daily basis from patients all over the US who are desperately seeking early treatment, and we have helped hundreds-the letters we receive from thankful patients are incredibly gratifying.

What is the proof that our treatment is “scientific”?  Our results have been duplicated all around the world, and there are now hundreds of peer reviewed publications on early treatment. I have been honored to be on a few of these publications, including on Dr. McCullough’s seminal paper on early treatment.

What is going on that COVID patients cannot get the treatment they need from their own physicians?

Perhaps the major reason is that our own health agencies such as the FDA and CDC have come out against these medications—even making false claims that they are dangerous. 

First, we were told that HCQ was cardiotoxic based on sham study in the Lancet that was eventually retracted.  Now we hear that Ivermectin is a “horse medication”—ignoring the fact that it is recommended by the CDC and WHO and millions of doses have been given to humans to treat parasitic infections - the propaganda against early treatment is then echoed in the media.

I and other doctors who treat COVID early have come under attack by our local health departments, hospitals, and even state licensing boards.  With increasing frequency, my prescriptions are now being denied by pharmacies.  Even as it becomes more evident that vaccines by themselves are not the answer, patients are finding it increasingly difficult to get treatment.

Moreover, there is censorship…my own you-tube videos regarding early treatment have been taken down and labeled misinformation…in the US, we say it is like the book “1984” or McCarthyism. 

Censorship is never good in a free society, but especially damaging in medicine where patients benefit when physicians exchanging ideas.  Rather, we depend on a few “experts” who don’t even treat COVID patients.

The results, as we have seen, have been tragic!


When I began working in my rural community in 1990, I never dreamed that I would one day be speaking in the United States Senate and then in an international conference…but because I have seen first-hand how early treatment of COVID-19 saves lives, I feel an ethical and moral obligation to speak out and fight for not only my patients, but for the many around the world who continue to die unnecessarily.

This is a time that calls on the greatest of human attributes- courage.  Everyone here must understand that we are in the greatest fight of our lives---when doctors are prevented from treating their patients with life-saving medicine, we know that something sinister is going on.

I thank you all for being here, and applaud your courage for standing up for your patients and the rest of humanity.

Thank you.

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