EL CENTRO — The El Centro Aquatic Center hosted a Dive in Movie Night Saturday, April 10, where the public watched Trolls World Tour while cooling off in the pool. Admission was free, and the event was sponsored by Aroma and the County of Imperial.

People were lined up outside the Aquatic Center about 15 minutes before they opened the doors. A couple of clipboards with forms were passed around to allow people to register if they hadn’t already. Everyone had to check in at the main desk before going to the pool and get their temperatures taken.

Admission was limited to maintain COVID-safety measures. Food and refreshments were available for purchase from Tacos Alex and Paleteria La Cachanilla of El Centro.

Rebecca Corfman, the Aquatic Supervisor, talked about the event and the plans the Aquatic Center has for the summer. She said the Dive in Movie Night was something they did in the past at Imperial Valley College’s pool, and it was a hit. The event kicks off the Aquatic Center’s spring and summer programming, said Corfman.

“So now that we’re in the Orange Tier, we’re able to offer many group swim lessons,” Corfman said. There will be three students to one instructor, beginning April 20. The Aquatic Center will soon open on the weekends for family swim and currently offer lifeguard classes. Corfman said there are 29 newly certified lifeguards ready for hire.

The Aquatic Center has more movie nights planned and a few surprises for the summer. Corfman stated her excitement for it and said it's not going to be seen anywhere else in the Valley. “Moving forward, I think we're gonna surprise our residents and our community with what we have, and they're gonna be very excited,” she said.

Corfman praised the community, saying it is loving and gives back. She emphasized the Aquatic Center is big on water safety, education, and creating a water-safe community.

Community members Melissa Murillo and Marifer Duarte talked about the Dive in Move Night and how they heard about it. Murillo heard about it on Facebook from the Aquatic Center's page. She decided right away that she was going and invited her friend, Marifer Duarte. Both ladies brought their daughters to the event.

“What got us excited,” Murillo said, “was that it was hot, the girls needed something to do.” She expressed her desire to go to the pool since it opened, not having an opportunity at first.

Murillo said she and Duarte hadn't done any recreational events in a while, and the Dive in Movie Night came at the perfect time, allowing them to get out. “You know, movie and the pool? What's not exciting about that,” said Murillo.

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