Wildcat Drive to be extended

BRAWLEY — The Brawley city council voted to waive the transportation portion of development impact fees for housing units within the boundaries of Victoria Park and Malan Park subdivisions Tuesday at their regular meeting. Charley Schreiber is the developer. The waived fee is $1,836.45 per unit. There are approximately 120 units between the two subdivisions totaling $367,290.00.

Conditions for the approval in the construction of these units requires a half-width installation of Wildcat Drive. According to city staff, the construction of Wildcat Drive would be beneficial to the city, its citizens, and the traveling public.

Waiving fees is not unusual and has been approved by other agencies in situations where it was beneficial to their city.

The council voted for another emergency resolution to repair two water pumps at the city’s water treatment plant. One of the city’s five distribution pumps was repaired in 2016. It was extremely corroded and its output was less than 50%. The two pumps that are in need of repair are in a similar state.

The cost for repair is $128,214 with a 10% contingency for a total of $141,036.02. The pumps are currently on standby and it will take approximately six months to repair them.

In another emergency action, the council voted to temporarily repair the traffic signal cabinet at the intersection of Main Street and Cesar Chavez Street, which has stopped working properly, and install a new unit as soon as it arrives.

The repair of the current traffic signal cabinet and replacement unit cost is approximately $43,750. The new unit has a lead time of 16 to 18 weeks.

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Desert Dweller

If a city wants to encourage the development of new construction they've got to make it profitable for developers. Brawley is overdue for expansion!

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