Vocational nursing student Alma Negrete receives a free vaccination at the 2019 IVC & PMH Health Fair Tuesday, October 8.

IMPERIAL — Imperial Valley College students, Pioneers Memorial Healthcare (PMH) District, along with local agencies gathered Tuesday, October 9, in an effort to improve the quality of life for IVC students and the community.

PMH’s medical staff offered free blood screenings including flu vaccines, blood pressure and cholesterol screenings, blood-glucose tests for diabetes, and nutritional consultations conducted with the oversight of PMH professional healthcare providers at no charge.

The purpose for the IVC & PMH health fair was to inform students how they can improve their health despite a busy school and work schedule.

“We are here today because we understand the student population tends to be busy. They may not have the time to see what’s available for them,” said El Centro Regional Medical Center Public Relations Specialist Richard Morales. “That’s why we’re here: to make sure they get the health education they need and provide information on things they may not be aware about.”

“Sometimes students are very busy," said Phlebotomist at Pioneers Memorial Hospital Rochelle Perez, "so it’s good to help them out to see if they’re anemic or dehydrated ... they won’t get results right away, but they can call PMH or go to a nursing student to get the results, and give us a call for any assistance.”

Although college students have busy schedules, students lined up for flu shots and visited an information booth staffed by IVC vocational nursing students.

“This is a partnership we have; students already pay a health fee when they sign up for classes, so every service here is free for them,” said IVC Student Specialist Miriam Trejo. “A lot of times with college students, you live a fast-paced life, and you’re not aware. Self-health is very important and a lot of us think we shouldn’t worry, we think we’re invincible at times, but that’s why we’re here to provide these services for them ... We do this twice a year, every time a new agency pops up we let students know so they can come.

“It is Binational Health Week and we are partnering with Mexicali, so if students can’t get services here, we’re working together so they can seek medical help there, if needed.”

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