EL CENTRO — Residents in Imperial County will soon have a new place to turn to for help if they are struggling with addiction or their mental health. Imperial County Behavioral Health Services and Alvarado Parkway Institute Behavioral Health System partnered to build Jackson House, a short-term, acute residential treatment center in El Centro. The 16-bed facility is set to start serving clients by late October. 

The community is invited to come and tour the facility during an open house August 27 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Imperial County residents can join government officials, community leaders and healthcare providers as they learn more about the mental health services that will be offered. Jackson House is located at 2364 S. 2nd St. in El Centro.

“Imperial County faces a continual challenge of helping those who are struggling with mental illness,” said Director of Imperial County Behavioral Services Andrea Kuhlen. “With the completed construction and opening of Jackson House, Behavioral Health Services is excited to provide more mental health treatment options to meet the needs of our community. The successful partnership between Imperial County Behavioral Services and Alvarado Parkway Institute Behavioral Health System made this treatment center a reality. Now, community members who are experiencing a crisis can be served and supported close to home, where they can be near their family and support system.” 

Jackson House is a voluntary, short-term recovery program. Each client is evaluated when they enter treatment so they can receive a customized program to improve their overall well-being. Clients learn how to take care of themselves and practice new skills to help them successfully transition back into the community. Short-term residential treatment can help individuals avoid psychiatric hospitalization or help them as they continue their care. 

“We understand early intervention, diagnosis and treatment of a mental illness is important to the recovery and long-term success of individuals,” said President and Chief Development Officer of Alvarado Parkway Institute Behavioral Health System Patrick Zeimer. “Currently, some Imperial County residents who are struggling with a mental health or addiction are showing up at emergency departments for treatment. That is much more costly for the patient and doctors are unable to provide ongoing care. Jackson House is a new alternative for community members. We can get them on their journey toward recovery immediately.”  

The newly constructed Jackson House is 6,448 square feet. The residential treatment center offers semi-private rooms, beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces, large group rooms, a computer lab and private meeting rooms for individual client consultations. 

“We have seen how Jackson House can transform people’s lives and we are excited to be opening our doors in El Centro through our partnership with Imperial County Behavioral Health Services,” said Zafar Azimov, board member of Alvarado Parkway Institute Behavioral Health System. “Sometimes people who are struggling with a mental illness feel like there is no hope in the battle against their disease. We are here to show them there is hope and give them the tools they need to take back control and live the life they deserve.”

Jackson House El Centro is the second location for the treatment center and the first of its planned expansion across southern California. It will utilize the successful model started at the first facility, Jackson House La Mesa. Jackson House Temecula is expected to open its doors later this year.

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I hope they start hiring soon! ;) I would happily return to the valley if a job at this place paid well!

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