IV Roadmap to Recovery

File photo: Board of Supervisors Chairperson Luis Plancarte speaks at the Road map to Recovery press conference in El Centro Friday, May 8.

EL CENTRO — In response to Governor Gavin Newsom’s national comments regarding Imperial County’s climbing COVID-19 rate and speculation of moving back into Stage 1, the Imperial County Board of Supervisors held an emergency meeting Friday, June 26.  

“At this point there are no decisions to make any changes yet (about moving out of Stage 2),” said Imperial County Board of Supervisor’s Chairman Luis Plancarte. “I think over the next few days we will be working with representatives from the governor’s office to see what the best path moving forward will be.”  

As per county numbers, Imperial County is continuing to see residents test positive with hospitals experiencing an influx of hospitalizations. 

The State has dispatched several resources and emergency response efforts said county officials. 

“In addition, the governor has requested we take further action by reinstating a stay-at-home order to help mitigate the further spread of COVID-19 cases in our region,” said Plancarte. “To be clear, the County of Imperial is to stay in place except for essential worker needs.”

County officials said those over 65 with underlying health conditions should continue to stay at home to protect themselves from the virus. 

The County continues to require the use of face coverings when in public spaces or in environments around others when they are not part of your household. 

“With the governor’s approval, the County slowly allowed some additional access to retail stores and religious services provided that they adhere to achieving key safety standards notwithstanding the limited access we have now to public spaces and business in the County,” said Plancarte. “We hear loudly the governor’s request. We are pleading with our residents to comply with the stay-at-home order that is currently in place.”

According to board members, Imperial County will continue to collaborate and work with the State and the governor’s office over the weekend to access and identify where else resources can be dispatched and utilized. 

“We are fully committed to preserving the health and safety of everyone living in Imperial County and to stopping the further spread of COVID-19,” said Plancarte. “We all care and want what is best for our community to minimize the number of people getting sick, to rebuild our economy, to get our kids back in school, and to get our loved ones back to work. But this requires that we all come together and do our part. It means staying at home unless essential for you to go out somewhere and wearing a face covering when you are out in public. This means temporarily avoiding large gatherings of friends and family. It means sacrifice and responsibility.” 

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I really hope the county tells Newsom to go to fly a kite! I'm not saying COVID 19 is not a problem. All I'm saying is it's not going away anytime soon and we will have to learn to live with it! If you want to stay home by all means do so but don't expect everyone to give up their livelihood and do so!

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