EL CENTRO — The Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors awarded $68,300 to 17 Imperial Valley school districts during its Tuesday, April 6, meeting, for 2021-2022 through its Special Projects Grant Program.

IID acquired nearly 42,000 acres of Western Farms land in 2004 and subsequently developed the Special Projects Grant Program, in conjunction with the Imperial County Office of Education, allowing the District to make in-lieu payments equal to the property taxes that would have been paid by a non-public entity owner.

“We’re pleased to see the Special Projects Grant Program continue to support our communities and our children,” said Jim Hanks, IID Board president. “These grants are such a wonderful investment in helping to keep our school districts whole.”

The funding grants were made to the school districts based upon the acreage of Western Farms land inventory owned by IID located within the boundaries of the school districts.

The recipients of the 2021-2022 IID Special Projects Grant Program are:

Brawley Elementary School District, $1,000

Seeley Union School District, $1,000

Westmorland Union Elementary School District, $1,000

San Pasqual Valley Unified School District, $1,000

Meadows Union School District, $1,000

Heber Elementary School District, $1,000

El Centro Elementary School District, $1,000

Central Union High School District, $2,300

McCabe Elementary School District, $2,700

Magnolia Union Elementary School District, $1,000

Calexico Unified School District, $5,900

Mulberry Elementary School District, $5,200

Holtville Unified School District, $1,000

Brawley Union High School District, $6,200

Imperial Unified School District, $1,000

Calipatria Unified School District, $33,200

Imperial County Office of Education, $2,800

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