CALEXICO — Imperial Irrigation District officials and members of Mexico’s Centro Nacional de Control de Energia (CENACE) gathered at the Calexico council chambers September 5 to announce the collaboration between the two parties where the IID agreed to provide power to Mexicali.

“This is a celebration between the IID (California’s third largest power provider) and CENACE where together, our two entities have been able to cross international lines in exchange for goodwill to work together to promote the public good and strengthen border relationships,” said president of Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors Erick Ortega.

Organizers said this effort is in response to the need of additional energy supplies during the harsh summer months to serve the vibrant and growing region in Mexicali. IID was approached earlier this year by CENASE to discuss the possibility of purchasing additional power from the district.

Due to an existing presidential permit IID holds with the U.S. Department of Energy, the two parties reached an agreement where IID can deliver up to 27 megawatts of energy to an area of Mexicali that includes industrial businesses, a hospital, and thousands of homes.

Since the end of June, IID has been delivering power to Mexicali via double circuit connection at IID’s Bravo sub station located east of Calexico to the All American Canal.

“At the same time CENASE and Comicion Federal de Electricidad (CFE) are working together diligently to secure infrastructure and generation to meet their future demands,” said Ortega.

The agreement has allowed IID to work collaboratively with its neighboring utility to supply energy to residential customers, industrial customers, and overall a region that is rapidly expanding.

“The Imperial and Mexicali valleys are adjacent to and interdependent upon one another; this agreement has allowed us an opportunity to work together and to help one another,” said Ortega. “IID looks forward to continuing this partnership while also being open to exploring new opportunities that may be of mutual benefit now or in the future.”

Community officials stressed how Imperial County receives the economic benefits associated with delivering this product and adds a service to our neighbors to the south; all the while strengthening relationships between the two countries and mega-region.

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