EL CENTRO — The Imperial County Board of Supervisors approved and authorized the chairman of the Board to sign the Community Partners — California Accountable Community for Health Initiative Grant Agreement Tuesday, January 5, for the Public Health Department to accept $200,000.

According to county documents, Imperial County was one of 44 jurisdictions who submitted proposals for the initiative in 2016 and was one of six funded sites. The initial grant agreement period started September 1, 2016 and ended August 31, 2019. Recognizing the potential in a new model to fundamentally transform the current health care delivery system, the funders have extended their support through August 31, 2021.

Initial funding was awarded to the Imperial County Public Health Department by community partners to support activities associated with implementing elements of an Accountable Community for Health (ACH), which is a structured, cross-sectoral alliance of healthcare, public health, and other organizations dedicated to planning and implementing strategies to improve population health and health equity for all residents in the County, according to Imperial County Public Health Director Janette Angulo.

The first years of the funding allowed the Public Health Department to form an ACH team and work collectively with the Local Health Authority (LHA) Commission, steering Council, clinical providers, social service agencies, nonprofit organizations, and others.

“The Public Health Department’s role as part of this funding was to serve as the backbone agency to the ACH. So, providing that needed administrative and other support to the group and working collectively with the Local Health Authority Commission, clinical providers, social service agencies, nonprofit organizations, and others to align existing efforts to create a sound structure to implement the goals of the ACH,” said Angulo.

Also during the first years of funding, the ACH helped move initiative efforts forward, including the funding of the Imperial County Asthma Community Linkages Project through the LHA’s Wellness Fund. As a result, El Centro Regional Medical Center and Comité Civico del Valle, Inc., in partnership with Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District, were granted funds to strengthen linkages between community-based organization and clinical practices, including tracking asthma improvements.

“Funding for the additional years will enable the ACH to fully build, implement, and measure interventions and will provide opportunities for Imperial County to continue working with the stakeholders,” said Angulo.


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