Hurtado awaits verdict

BRAWLEY — The trial for Alejandra Hurtado, the El Centro Police Department officer charged with violating PC 236 (False Imprisonment) and PC 245(a)(4) (Assault: Deadly Weapon — by means of force/produce great bodily injury), held at the Imperial County Superior Courthouse in Brawley concluded, Tuesday, December 29.

The Honorable Judge William Quan instructed the jury before closing arguments ensued. District Attorney, Prosecutor Mario Vela addressed the jury before Hurtado’s defense attorney, Earl Robertson III, delivered his final statements. As per protocol, Vela had the last word with the jury before Quan gave the jurors their final instructions.

Before the end of court on Tuesday, the jury was notified that the Brawley-East courtroom would be their jury room due to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

The jury commenced deliberations Wednesday, December 30, but did not reach a verdict. The following day, the jury was released at lunch time for the day without reaching a verdict.

At this point, all sides are standing by and waiting for the jury to reach a decision before returning to court for a verdict and sentencing if necessary.  As of noon Monday, January 4, no verdict has been issued.

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