Days Inn motel

Days Inn is one of the motels being used to house homeless individuals through a California State program. 

BRAWLEY — Homeless are being housed in Brawley motels, according to Brawley Council member Luke Hamby.

"Imperial County administers the program that works with each homeless applicant to get the vouchers to for the motel. A total of 47 rooms, per the County, are being used to house the homeless," said Hamby. "I would imagine that some rooms have more than one person occupying. All of the individuals utilizing the program are supposedly locals to Brawley."

"Some are not necessarily what you think of when you picture our homeless," continued Hamby. "Some were apparently couch surfing with friends or family and responded to the program faster than others you would probably recognize as truly homeless. I believe it was a first come, first served availability."

According to Hamby, the City receives no kickback or incentive for allowing the program to run in Brawley, other than it gets the City closer to meeting the requirements from the State so the City can move towards reopening local businesses.

"One of their many metrics to reopening is that we have a certain number of units available for housing the homeless," said Hamby. "According to our city manager, homeless are not being bussed in or brought in from out of the area, the City receives no money from the program, and the Brawley Police department has increased their presence in the areas around the motels being used."

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It's interesting that my earlier comment has been deleted.


As the previous commenter stated, I, too, would love to hear about what help/incentive will be provided to help these people rebuild their lives and contribute back to our society. I'm also interested in what the previous commenter mentioned about there being more money in remaining unemployed versus taking the assistance and steps to become a productive employee.

I happen to live in the neighborhood pictured above. Recently, we have noticed an uptick in theft, usually by repeat offenders. Fortunately, many residents here have security cameras. We've also noticed the increased police presence, so that is relieving. Only time will tell. Stay safe!

Janet Cowne

Would love to hear what our governor's plans are as time progresses. Are cities supposed to cover the cost of housing homeless for just how long? What are the helps or incentives to move them on into productive lives? The property, what compensation and assurances are they receiving? Is the monetary compensation higher than normal renters pay? Will it become like those preferring to stay on unemployment rather than seeking work because there is more money to not do so? What do our local police and those that live in the neighborhood say about all this? The property owners? Those with families?

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