Drawn Down Dinner

A volunteer runs steak plates down to vehicles for the Holtville Boys and Girls Club's Draw Down Dinner Saturday, June 5, at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Holtville..

HOLTVILLE — Derby Days bets were called off, but steak dinner was on at the Holtville Boys and Girls Club’s first Draw Down Dinner drive thru fundraiser Saturday, June 5, at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Holtville.

Normally the club would have been hosting their Annual Derby Days virtual horse racing fundraiser, the biggest fundraiser of the year for the Holtville club. However, due to COVID restrictions, the club had to come up with a different plan for this year.

Each ticket was for a two-plate steak dinner along with an entry in a cash prize raffle. Runners from the club, club board, and even children volunteers made runs back and forth to the cars in the alleyway behind St. Paul’s. Cash prizes started at $500 for the first drawing, rising by $200 every tenth draw. The total grand prize was $7,500.

Amber Zamora, the Holtville Unit coordinator, said it has been a rough year getting started but they got their programs back in session to help their kids get excited about education, arts, healthy lifestyles, and more. They are under COVID restrictions and have to do a lot of disinfecting, but Zamora said the club is still going.

“The money from this fundraiser will help us get the supplies we need for all these special projects we have planned. The kids are really excited for all these big projects we can do,” said Zamora.

Raquel Renteria, the Brawley Boys and Girls Club Unit director, said the dinner will do loads toward helping keep the Holtville club running.

“It will definitely help out with the Holtville unit and help with the program,” said Renteria. “It will also keep the enrolment fees down. There are a lot of unemployed families and (it) gives the kids a safe place to come to during the summer.”

Sisters Maya and Annalisa Imperial have been goming for years to the Holtville club even before COVID hit. It was hard to do so during COVID, but they agreed they needed somewhere to get out of the house.

“It’s fun, it’s changing a lot, there’s new people every time I come,” said Maya Imperial.

“There’s a lot of activities, it’s really fun, and you get to hang out with your friends a lot,” said Annalisa Imperial.

Both volunteered to help out at the Draw Down Dinner on Saturday.

All proceeds from the dinner and raffle will go toward the Holtville Boys and Girls Club, bringing in needed funds for programs, materials and supplies, and to help keep the building running.

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