Holtville wing cook off

Verde 4-H Club helpers cook up some garlic and herb wings at the first inaugural wing cook-off in Holtville Sunday, Feb. 10 in celebration of Holtville's Carrot Festival.

HOLTVILLE — The first inaugural wing cook-off took place Sunday, Feb. 10, on Holt Avenue in celebration of Holtville’s Carrot Festival. The winners of the wing contest received a cash prize.

“Today, we’re helping raise money for the Dogwood 4-H club,” said Eric Cox of Biggen Barbecue. “The money earned today will help the kids have money to spend on their animals for the fair … This is the first year for the cook-off so our main goal is just to enjoy the day and eat some wings.”

The competitors brought their own style and flavors. Dogwood 4-H sold an Asian-zing wing as well as crispy, breaded sweet wings. Verde 4-H sauced their wings in herbs and garlic before grilling them up. 

As a part of the competition, having one carrot-themed side was required. Some competitors chose the classic carrot cake or cupcake, while others got creative with deep fried carrots and carrot coleslaw.

“I’m helping serve the carrot cake and cupcakes,” said Rachel Chambers of Verde 4-H. “I’m an officer in 4-H and I’m here to support Verde 4-H and raise some money for our 4-H.”

Judges sampled fare from each booth before announcing the winners. Taking first place and earning $750 was Biggen Barbecue representing Dogwood-4H. In second place, Verde 4-H earned $500 and also won best side for their carrot cake, earning them an additional $250. Justin Buscaglia took third place with “Just Wing It” and earned $250.

“Today’s event really helps promote 4-H,” said Rachel Chambers of Verde 4-H, “and gives us a chance to support the Holtville Chamber of Commerce.”

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