Jason Jackson booking photo

Harry Jason Jackson booking photo

BRAWLEY — Harry Jason Jackson was present at the Imperial County Superior Court in Brawley Tuesday, November 19, for a request to dismiss jail sentence and modify probation for an animal cruelty conviction he plead guilty to in 2017.

During the hearing, Jackson’s attorney, Raj Singh, contended throughout probation his client displayed reform, good conduct, contributed time to the community, completed court ordered counseling, and had been a law-abiding citizen. 

Prosecutor Heather Trapnell contested that Jackson had not taken responsibility for his actions and that because he was a person of means, the community would get the message that those with money don’t have to pay consequences for their crimes.

The Honorable Christopher Plourd noted Jackson indicated no law violations during probation, but was convicted of two traffic infractions.

Singh conceded the traffic violations but pleaded for the judge to consider the big picture, insisting the language of the probation stressed misdemeanors and felonies.

Citing Penal Code 16, subsection (3), Plourd specified the law states Jackson had to follow all federal, state, and local law – municipal ordinances fall under the latter umbrella.

Plourd also stated the most concerning aspect of the traffic infractions was that Jackson falsely indicated, in his declaration under penalty of perjury, that he had violated no law during his probation.

“I do not find any good cause to vacate the 10-day jail sentence,” said Plourd. 

After denying the motion, Plourd remanded Jackson to the immediate custody of the Sheriff to serve his 10-day jail sentence. 

Singh requested for Jackson to have some time before remanding.

“No. Today is the day and the time is now,” closed Plourd. Jackson is under a three-year formal probation. According to Deputy DA Heather Trapnell, Jackson will spend only about half the ten-day sentence.

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