Leo "El Ninio" Heras 2019 Aguilas

THE MEXICALI ÁGUILAS acquire Leo Heras, formerly of the Houston Astros Triple-A club, for the 2019–2020 Pacific Mexican Baseball League Season. 

MEXICALI B.C. — The Águilas officially announced the addition of outfielder Leonardo Heras June 3 to the roster for the 2019–2020 Pacific Mexican Baseball League season.

In the transaction with the Ciudad Obregon Yaquis, the Águilas gave up rights to left-handed pitcher, Alex Delgado.

“El Nino” Heras was born in Tecate B.C. on May 29, 1990. Leo Heras is an outfielder who bats lefty but throws righty.

Heras has played nine seasons in the Pacific Mexican Baseball League, beginning with his 2009–2010 debut with the Guasave Algodoneros who eventually became the Jalisco Charros in the 2014–2015 season. In 2015–2016, Heras played for the Charros and then for Ciudad Obregon Yaquis where he remained until the 2018–2019 season.

In his nine seasons in the Pacific Mexican Baseball League, Heras has played in 504 games, produced 477 singles, hit 83 doubles, zipped 24 triples, belted 44 homers, batted in 191 runs, stolen 70 bases, and has a career batting average of .275.

Leo played for the Houston Astro in 2013 to 2016 and reached the AAA sector in 2015 and 2016 with the Fresno Grizzlies.

Hera also made it to the Mexico roster for the World Baseball Pre-Classic which was played at Águilas Stadium in Mexicali in March of 2016.

The Mexicali Águilas appreciate Alex Delgado’s dedication to conducting himself in a professional manner while wearing the feathered fliers’ uniform and wish him the best in his future.

*All statistics and information provided by Mexicali Águilas.

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