EL CENTRO — Police officers working in tandem with various departments successfully arrested three suspects connected to drugs and a loaded handgun, and took several with outstanding arrests warrants off the street.

El Centro police officers working a Stonegarden operation attempted to make contact June 12 with two subjects in the area of 700 El Centro Avenue. One subject fled the area as an officer pursued him through the north alley of 700 El Centro. Other ECPD units were deployed to the area and later took the suspect into custody at a residence in the 700 block of El Centro Avenue.  

A search resulted in the location of methamphetamine and a loaded 9 mm pistol. Additional follow up with the other subject led officers to another residence on the same block. 

During the follow-up, three other persons contacted were arrested for outstanding warrants. A probation search of the second residence was conducted and resulted in the location of several ounces of additional methamphetamine along with counterfeit United States currency.

Arrested and booked at the Imperial County jail were El Centro residents Gerardo Acevedo, Edward Montenegro, and Michael Thurlow . Robert Zamora and Rudy Fabela were cited and released at the conclusion of the preliminary investigation.

This case was successful due to the teamwork and assistance of ECPD detail and patrol officers, task force officers, and a canine from the Imperial Police Department, who all responded to assist in the search, detention, arrest and investigation. Another firearm was removed from the streets.

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Operation Stonegarden, is a Federally funded Immigration Enforcement package. It provided locals (state, county, citys with Federal tax dollars to pay overtime to local authorities to assist with immigration enforcement and the subsequent crimes which are collateral present with illegal immigration. Kind of funny how local municipalities don't mind their law enforcement assisting with illegal immigration as long as they can sort out a way to have federal funds funneled their way ?? Great Program! wish there was more like them.

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