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The Holtville Fire Department and Chamber of Commerce take the Easter Bunny for a tour of Holtville Saturday, April 3.

HOLTVILLE — Much like the Santa Caravan, the Holtville Chamber of Commerce’s Easter Bunny hopped on board one of the Holtville Fire Department’s trucks to safely tour the town and spread some Easter spirit Saturday, April 3.

Though the event was inspired by the Chamber’s previous Santa Caravan in December — where the local fire department’s firetruck drove a planned route up and down main roads and through neighborhood streets, allowing residents to wave at their favorite man in red — the Easter Bunny tour was not as large as the Santa Caravan.

According to Chamber Executive Manager Rosie Allegranza, Holtville’s Fire Chief Alex Silva came up with the idea for the Easter tour just a few days before the event. She said the City wanted to provide the community with a COVID-friendly Easter celebration to replace their usual egg hunt.

“It really lifts everyone’s spirits. Everyone needs to have some type of community involvement,” she said.

Because of the short notice, the Easter Bunny rode on one of the Fire Department's smaller trucks and was followed by a bright red rig and one golf cart so that Allegranza could record the event via Facebook Live. She said this allowed residents to follow the live recording to ensure they didn’t miss the Easter Bunny’s neighborhood travels.

Despite the short notice and the inability to host a caravan as large as Santa’s, Allegranza said she was happy all the same.

She said the event was intended to get families and Holtville residents outside. She stressed the importance of the event for the local children.

“These kids have dealt with so much during COVID and we just wanted to bring some light into their lives,” she said.

Because the Sana caravan was such a success, Allegranza said the Easter event, though at a lower capacity, would hopefully bring joy to the residents during the continued closures and restrictions of COVID.

“These small things make a big difference,” she said.


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