Lucha Lubre

LUCHA LIBRE wrestler Genio Del Aire air kicks Black Danger at the 2019 Night of Lucha Sunday, June 9. Photo by Stephanie Garcia

BRAWLEY — Desert Pro Wrestling returned for its sixth annual “Night of Lucha” Sunday, June 9, at the American Legion Post 60. Lucha Libre wrestlers provided a night of action and fun for wrestling fans who not only cheered their favorite wrestlers but insulted the wrestlers they didn't like. The wrestling match was to fundraise for the local community, specifically veterans, and provide scholarships to future college students of the Imperial Valley. 

Wrestlers jumped and kicked at each other while providing a comedic dialogue of insults toward their opponents. The tension between the referee suspiciously siding with a certain wrestler encouraged audiences to shout offenses toward a “bought” referee.  

The matches were organized into duo fights; the first and final match consisted of tag teams where two wrestlers defeated their opponents through pin fall or submission. The winners of the first round of wrestling were “The Native Warrior” Robbie Phoenix and RJ “Sick Boy” Santos defeating tag team Vinny Wasco and Hyde.  

The second match consisted of a Maverick victory against Onyx as Maverick managed to pin his opponent down to the ground and out of the ring, although Onyx fans continued to cheer for their favorite wrestler. Boos’ and “Onyx is the best!” were heard on the right side of the ring. 

The third match consisted of a three-way masked duel against Oziel, Luminoso, and Last Warrior. Intensity prevailed as the three wrestlers attempted to unmask each other in the ring, and audiences watched a comedic duel as both Oziel and Luminoso took turns slapping the Last Warrior into submission. Luminoso took the victory for the third match. Although there was no win for Last Warrior, fans sympathized with him and hugged him after his defeat.  

The final match involved tag teams of masked wrestlers Genio Del Aire and D. Luxe against Bestia 666 and Black Danger. During a second round, wrestlers took the fight and got out of the ring to wrestle, causing a chaotic but fun match as audiences shouted and provided wrestlers with chairs to hit each other. The referee exposed himself as preferring Bestia and Black Danger.  

Fans encouraged wrestlers to go against the bought referee who showed some wrestling moves himself, although it was a shameful match for D. Luxe as Black Danger managed to unmask him after both Bestia 666 and Black Danger’s victory. A speech was given by both Tijuana- and Mexicali-native wrestlers against each other, asking for a revenge match where fans shouted the wrestlers name as a sign of agreement. 

“I started this event back in 2013, and I’m very happy about the turn out,” said promoter Richard Ignacio. “I’ve been a fan of wrestling myself since I was a kid so it’s nice to have wrestling fans come together … The reason for this fundraiser is to help the local community with scholarships and giving back to veterans who helped us as well,” said Ignacio. “It always turns out to be a successful turn out.”

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