NOTICE posted at the County Clerk's office.

EL CENTRO — Imperial County Clerk and Recorder Chuck Storey addressed the Imperial County Board of Supervisors at their regularly scheduled meeting, Tuesday, September 10, regarding replacement staff for the department. Storey intended to appeal the denial of replacement staff at the budget hearing, but the hearing was tabled until next week.

Storey posted a flyer at the clerk’s office stating the department would no longer schedule marriage ceremonies due to the denial of replacement staff. The department is still performing previously scheduled ceremonies and they are booked through October, according to Storey.

Storey explained the public is still able to apply for marriage licenses, but not schedule ceremonies until further notice.

“We are issuing marriage licenses. We have temporarily suspended making reservations for additional marriage ceremonies. We are still performing the ceremonies that were already booked."

However, the Board of Supervisors was not made aware of Storey’s decision to reduce the services to the public. According to Supervisor Ryan Kelley, Storey did not follow the appropriate protocol in the reduction of county services.

Performing the ceremonies generates income that is added to the general fund, through which Storey’s department is funded, according to Kelley. He hopes to address the issue at the budget hearing September 17 at 10 a.m.

Storey addressed the board to present information in support of his appeal. He claims to have found a discrepancy in the budget.

“I was up late last night and I’ve been working on this for days. I found what I believe is a $54,000 error in the budget,” said Storey.

Due to the rescheduling of the budget hearing, Storey was asked to present his information next week when the public and other departments could be present.

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Desert Dweller

I now have a legitimate excuse not to marry my girlfriend...

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