Cody's Closet gives away free mattresses to children in need

Charter Pathways volunteers Olivia Maez (center),  Alex Watson (left) and Maria Watson (right) enjoy the 2019 Cody's Closet event at Imperial Valley Expo Saturday, September 16. 

IMPERIAL — Over 100 children countywide received a twin bed and other essential items Saturday, September 14. Volunteers helped deliver the beds to numerous homes of children in extreme need. Cody’s Closet made these children a priority, and local law enforcement, social services, schools, and churches had the opportunity to volunteer and hand out free water, food and pastries at the IV Expo fairgrounds.

“Cody’s Closet is a local organization that helps people in need,” said Heather White. “Social media was the main way we got people together to participate, and my main goal is to put every children we can in a bed.”

Cody’s Closet also gave away free socks and clothing to children, and volunteers handed out whatever backpack the kids liked once their name was announced for a bed.

“I’m very thankful for everyone that showed up and I want to thank the Calipatria State Prison, especially, for providing the beds, and raising the money themselves to help with the organization,” said White.

After one of White’s children “was tired of seeing stuff cluttered around the house," White decided to help needy children and started Cody's Closet.

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