EL CENTRO — The Imperial County Air Pollution Control Board approved a funding agreement of $244,964 with the Calipatria Unified School District for an air filtration system.

IQ Air North America has been selected to install air filtration systems at Calipatria School, an area impacted by high levels of ultrafine toxic diesel particulate matter (PM 2.5.) 

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the South Coast Air Quality Management District have identified IQ Air North America as the only manufacturer of high-performance filters that can filter 90% PM 2.5 and black carbon. 

IQ Air’s filters can be installed on preexisting HVAC systems or as standalone units. With no ozone generation, the system’s noise levels remaining below 45 decibels, and filter replacements for five years, schools will continue to operate the systems at a low cost, according to IQ Air's Director of Community Engagement Nancy Dinella. 

“This isn’t just one and done. We strive to give kids the chance to breathe clean air,” said Dinella. 

Dinella said that IQ Air has already provided clean air for more than 150 schools in California that are in highly polluted areas.

“We install sensors to monitor air quality in the schools as part of our environmental literacy program. We want to provide clean air and teach the kids at the same time. We want to get them excited about the science about it and maybe even inspire them to pursue an education related to air quality,” said Dinella. 

With the Air District paying $244,964 from the Clean Air Trust Fund, there will be no impact to the county’s general fund.

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