Roberta Hotel

EL CENTRO – The City of El Centro’s Community Development Department along with the assistance of the El Centro Police and Fire Departments conducted a scheduled inspection of the Roberta Hotel, November 15, located 465 W. State Street.  Due to the numerous building and safety code violations found during the inspection, a determination was made that the property is substandard residential housing that presents a danger to those who occupy it.   For those reasons and with the consent of the property owner, the building was red tagged pursuant to Health & Safety Code Section 17980(c) (1), according to a recent El Centro press release.   

The report said the City has coordinated with the County of Imperial and other local agencies to provide assistance to those 22 tenants affected by this situation.    

Individuals are also encouraged to contact Inland Fair Housing and Mediation Board located at 444 S. 8th Street, El Centro, 760-482-5773.   Inland Fair Housing serves as an intermediary to assist individuals in resolving issues related to rental complaints and disputes.

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