Andy Ruiz

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IMPERIAL — The Imperial City Council held a special meeting Monday, June 10, to voice concerns about the community event being planned by the Imperial Chamber of Commerce in celebration of Andy Ruiz Jr.

Despite the city’s concerns and offer of resources, the Imperial Chamber of Commerce has decided to proceed with their event as planned at the Imperial Valley Expo June 22. The city council directed staff to assist the Imperial Chamber with a closed press conference prior to the event.

The city believes any event held in honor of our hometown hero should be free and accessible to the public. A plan was proposed by the city to have the parade routed through downtown Imperial, ending at the Imperial High School Football field. This would allow attendees to participate and attend free of charge. City officials voiced frustration with the chamber’s plan; while the parade itself is free to attend, the chamber plans to charge a fee to attend the rally scheduled to take place in the grandstands immediately following the parade. The chamber proposed a fee of $10 for ages 6 to 10 and $20 for those over 11. The purpose of the fees was not made clear at the meeting.

As mentioned by council member Darrell Pechtl, this event should take place in the community where Ruiz grew up. The city has capacity along the parade route and at the high school to accommodate the expected crowd.

Please refer all questions regarding this release to Alexis Chalupnik, public information officer for the City of Imperial, at (760) 355-4373 or email For questions about the event planned at the Imperial Valley Expo, please contact the Imperial Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Susan Paradis at (760) 355-1609.

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