31st annual Christmas in a Small Town

Abigail Roman talks to customers to help them find the right gift at the 31 annual Christmas in a Small Town, Friday, December 7.

IMPERIAL — The Imperial Chamber of Commerce hosted the 31 annual Christmas in a Small Town Friday, December 7, to signal the start of the Christmas holiday season.

Each year, the event starts in the morning to give community members the opportunity to shop for Christmas gifts and buy decorations for their home.

Kay Campbell set up a booth to provide handcrafted decorations. Her decorations included wooden welcome signs and smaller wooden snowmen. Campbell also sold little Christmas trees and other knick-knacks.

"I bring these different decorations and gifts for Christmas in a Small Town to help others find items to spread the Christmas spirit," said Campbell.

Vendor Abigail Roman had her own booth called Roman's Rubies. She sold various jewelry pieces to shoppers as gifts for their loved ones.

Christmas music filled Main Street. Guests also enjoyed holiday foods like tamales and other desserts while they listened to holiday music.

"This has been an event that I used to go to as a kid and here we are 26 years later at the 31st annual Christmas in a Small Town and it is still growing and provided members of the community with a fun event to kick off the Christmas season for our town," said Richard Castillo, event attendee.

With each passing year Christmas in a Small Town continues to be a traditional time for the growing city of Imperial to get people into the spirit of Christmas, according to Castillo.

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