Marina De Pilar

CALEXICO — Mexicali Mayor, Marina del Pilar, was invited to the Calexico City Council meeting held Wednesday, July 15, where she was presented the keys of the City by Calexico Mayor Rosie Fernandez.  

Fernandez discussed how Calexico’s proximity to the City of Mexicali positions both cities with an opportunity to take advantage of trade, commerce, culture, and energy that comes with a unique status as international gateway cities. 

“I acknowledge the willingness and support of the communities on both sides of the border that may be divided by a fence but unite by the same core values that have distinguished us from others for over a century as a unified, work-driven society,” said Fernandez.

The mayor of Calexico also recognized the leadership of Mexicali’s administration and encouraged continued support to the growing partnerships between Calexico and Mexicali. 

“Especially through the hardship of COVID-19 we are currently experiencing, we need to continue to prioritize joint efforts to inform and guide our communities through unfortunate world-wide pandemic that affects the livelihood of our children and families,” said Fernandez. 

Calexico’s and Mexicali's ‘sister city’ status was highlighted.

“Our collaboration efforts are indicative of the future interests and respect to continue solidifying this enduring partnership for the future generations,” said Fernandez. “I would like to revisit the sisterhood, reaffirmation agreement between the City of Mexicali and Calexico from May 24, 2017, to prioritize our action of binational corporation focused on public health, economic development in the environment, and public safety.”           

After photos, del Pilar addressed the board members.

“Historically, you cannot understand Mexicali without Calexico, nor Calexico without Mexicali,” said del Pilar. “Beyond the diplomatic sisterhood we all know, we are a single region. We all have affections, stories, and live experiences in these cities. We always give each other a hand because we understand that we are one community.” 

Del Pilar reiterated how Calexico and Mexicali share common interests, values, economy, habits, and traditions. 

“We also share the same problems and priorities — this is why after this health emergency of COVID-19, we cannot remain insolent or neither be working separate,” said del Pilar. “I appreciate the disposition and cooperation of the government of Calexico. Together, we’ll establish the necessary measures that will help us reduce risk during this pandemic.” 

Before concluding, del Pilar reinforced her determination to establish actions between both governments, officers, and citizens.

“I infinitely appreciate this distinction that you are presenting to Mexicali and our government by giving us the keys of the City of Calexico,” said del Pilar. “It is an honor. On behalf of Mexicalenses, I thank you for this recognition. Due to the efforts that each one has put in to dealing with the coronavirus, I am sure with heart and goodwill, we will both move forward.” 

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No Biggy Drug Cartels have had the keys to Calexico for Years :)


San Diego and Imperial Counties have so much in common. I enjoy seeing stories like this coming from our neighbor. I hope the recent hurdles only make the regional partnerships stronger. Good Luck. John B San Diego

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