Fernandez sentenced

The Desert Review recently obtained sentencing information for this case that occurred last year.

EL CENTRO — Calexico City Council Member, Rosie Fernandez, was scheduled for court Wednesday, January 13, regarding her charge of VC23152(b), driving under the influence, where she was sentenced at the Imperial County Superior Courthouse in El Centro.

Subsection (b) of VC23152 specifies the alleged offender was driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 or greater as listed by shousecalifornialawgroup.com.   

Defendant Counsel, Eduardo Rivera, was present on behalf of Fernandez pursuant to penal code 977 (presence waiver). 

After a plea of no contest and admission of enhancement on behalf of Fernandez, the Honorable Judge Marco Nunez issued his sentence. 

Fernandez was sentenced to 5 years’ summary probation, a six-month Alcohol Safety Program, 12 days of CALTRANS community service to be completed by June 13, installation of Ignition Interlock Device in any vehicles that she operates (personal or business), and may not operate a vehicle without an Interlock device for a period of six months among a slew of various other formalities. 

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Hmmm is it just me or is there no mention of her current Calexico City Council Status????

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