No one eats alone day

(L-R) Beyond Differences organizers Diana Renteria, Lizbeth Pierrie, and Metzly Ledon celebrate National No One Eats Alone Day Friday, February 14.

BRAWLEY — Brawley Union High School celebrated national 'No One Eats Alone Day' on campus during lunch Friday, February 14, where Beyond Differences club members visited with students who appeared to be having lunch alone.

According to organizers, the event began with one middle school in 2002 and now, in 2020, have over one-million students in various clubs throughout all 50 states that participate nationally.

The main purpose of the event was to inspire students to end social isolation and create a cultural belonging for everyone.

"Our mission is to prevent social isolation so that's why we are having students come up and make a pledge on how they plan to end social isolation," said BUHS Teacher Lizbeth Pirrie.

After committing, pledges had their picture taken and put up on the school's 'Tree of Kindness.’

"We also have a classroom that is open every day during lunch where students are invited to participate in activities and watch movies, said Pierrie.

Organizers said many times students went to hang out for a couple of days, made friends, and then ended up spending lunchtime outside with the new acquaintances they met.

The BUHS School Board provided water, cupcakes, and pizza. The class of 2020 donated nachos, Beyond Differences made 200 candy grams, a free photo booth was donated by a local resident Monica Samora, and a live DJ sponsored by ASB.

"The ultimate goal with this event is to end social isolation because right now we live in a society full of depression and anxiety and we're seeing more and more violence in schools, which lots of times is inspired because they (aggressors) feel alone," said Pierrie.

Board Member Rusty Garcia was also present at the event.

"Events like these helps the kids who are more shy, to grow out of their shell a little bit, meet new people, and make new friends," said Garcia.

Beyond Differences advocates expressed how parents and community get to see that BUHS students are willing to help out.

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