Coffee with a cop

Brickhouse Coffee baristas and the city of Imperial gather  for their first Coffee With A Cop Wednesday, October 2. 

IMPERIAL — Brickhouse Coffee welcomed local law enforcement to their first Coffee With a Cop event Wednesday, October 2.

The purpose of the event is not only to thank police officers for serving the community, but also give local residents the opportunity to bring any concerns to the police, bettering the city of Imperial.

Coffee With a Cop originally started in the Los Angeles area and spread nationwide. The national day is now usually recognized on the first Wednesday in October. Sergeant Max Sheffield said, “We’re a small agency in a small city, so the love and support helps us out and gives us a little more motivation. We like being close to the community and helping people out ... It’s a more homely feeling being in a small coffee shop and support[ing] all the local businesses,” said Sheffield. “People can come and interact with us on a personal basis, whether it's something bad that happened to them; we want to create a laid-back environment so people can be comfortable to interact with us.”

Marian Astrid Long, 91, began the event with Tribute To a Cop, a song reflecting the daily bravery a police offer faces in order to keep cities safe.

“I’m very proud of Imperial because we have done so much to make this city grow,” said Long. “I support the local police department; they keep our town so peaceful and orderly, our town is good news to me. I have lived here for 58 years and ... I think the police are doing a wonderful job.”

Among the baristas at Brickhouse Coffee, manager Karina Martinez is a proud resident of Imperial, happily welcomed local law enforcement, and wanted the community to know about the local establishment and the importance of a good cup of coffee.

“It’s a great opportunity and a privilege to serve these people that help our community, and the fact that they take time out of their day to come here and meet with everybody is really awesome,” said Martinez. "I feel like every cup shows the time and effort we put into it, [we] make sure all our coffee tastes good and [we] serve the best quality.”

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Desert Dweller

Better yet, why not coffee while on patrol...

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