Brawley city council

BRAWLEY — The Brawley City Council and city manager discussed Governor Gavin Newsom’s latest directives on county lock downs to curb the transmission of COVID-19 at the regular meeting Tuesday, July 7.

Newsom announced July 1, certain indoor business operations, including indoor dine-in service at restaurants, will no longer be permitted at this time in counties throughout California. He is directing the closure of indoor dining, indoor museums, indoor children’s museums, indoor operations at zoos and aquariums, card rooms and satellite wagering facilities, parks, beaches, and churches.

The latest directive is to last three weeks.

Newsom also announced he has set up multi-agency strike teams to ensure businesses across the State adhere to his orders to close shop as cases of COVID-19 surge.

The strike teams, consisting of Alcohol Beverage Control, Occupational Health and Safety Administration, Highway Patrol, and other state agencies, will target non-compliant workplaces.

Imperial County has not reopened indoor dining, but has complied with previous lock down orders, including wearing masks, curbside take-out, safe distancing practices, etc., to help stop the transmission the COVID-19 virus. 

City Manager Rosanna Moore stated she is visiting Brawley businesses to make sure they are compliant.

Although the directive from Newsom is not a mandate, the County and cities are encouraged to follow the directives.

Council member Sam Couchman said in his years of working with the County, if the State encourages the County to do something, it must be done to continue to receive funding from the State. Couchman said the City must do as the State asks to continue receiving funding, even though they are only directives — not laws. 

The closure of the road at Cattle Call Park — which falls into the closure category — was discussed. The road was referred to as a walking path by the Council, although the road is marked for vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians. 

Couchman said no one will be cited for being in a park, but they may be approached by the police in an educational and informative manner.

Council member Donnie Wharton disagreed and said he saw no problem with individuals walking or exercising at a safe distance in parks.

Parks and the road around Cattle Call Park will continue to be closed.

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