BRAWLEY — The Brawley City Council was given an update on the traffic lights at the intersection of Main and Cesar Chavez streets August 22.

The lights have been blinking red for weeks at the intersection, causing Brawley residents concern that an accident may occur.

According to Public Works Director Guillermo Sillas, a company has been secured to work on the traffic lights. Apparently, the problem was the wiring in the pedestrian signals; the lights worked when the pedestrian signal was off. The company said if the vehicle signal was to function, the pedestrian signal would have to be disabled which that is unsafe. 

The company will rewire and reboot the new system in order to ensure full function of the signal.

Council member George Nava wondered whether the intersection even needed a stoplight, saying it has functioned fine as a four-way stop since April. Council member Sam Couchman voiced the same opinion, suggesting it would be quicker to move traffic through the intersection with just a stop sign.

“People are very concerned about that traffic signal,” said Couchman, noting that the public keeps asking about it.

However, council member Norma Jauregui agreed that there were plenty of Brawley residents who are concerned that the lights have not been fixed yet and that still want them. 

“Obviously, people feel there is a need for it,” said Jauregui.

Sillas said it would take a traffic study and analysis before such a decision is made.

The work on the signal lights will take about two weeks to complete according to Sillas. However, at the beginning of September, the lights continue to blink red.

In other business in the August meeting, the council was introduced to new city employees Chief Water Treatment Plant Operator Ricardo Arquellez, Assistant Streets and Utilities Supervisor Bobby Leon, Dispatcher Ruben Villareal, and LAMBS Driver/Clerk Ruben Rivera. The new superintendent of Brawley Elementary School District, Dr. Richard Rundhaug, was also formally introduced.

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