Pioneer Memorial Hospital

BRAWLEY — The city of Brawley recently completed $1.1M in street improvements on North 8th Street/Old HWY 111 between A Street and the Brawley bypass using Caltrans Highway Relinquishment Funds. Now, the county's right-of-way abutting Brawley's right-of-way is scheduled for improvement. Aggregates Products, Inc. will perform the additional scope of work in the amount of approximately $607,000. Once improved, the county right-of-way will be relinquished to the city of Brawley.

“This entire project is the result of collaboration between our agriculture stakeholders, the city and county. We are pleased for the chance to support the transportation of our highly valued agricultural commodities and work together to improve safety for the traveling public,” commented Brawley Mayor Donnie Wharton.

In addition to North 8th Street/Old HWY 111, Brawley has defined the pathway to improving the entire span of Legion between HWY 86 and the western city limits.

“In total, $1.9 million in Legion Street infrastructure investment is in the works. Imperial County Transportation Commission is helping to fast track these enhancements,” said Mayor Wharton.

The City’s annual allocation of SB1 funds have made Legion – Phase 1 street improvements from State Highway 86 to Evelyn Avenue.

A $728,000 contract was awarded to Pyramid Construction at the city council meeting Tuesday night, October 1.

“This project will improve access to Brawley’s healthcare corridor, support the city’s largest employer, Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District, and smooth the way for many of our residents,” said Wharton.

Legion – Phase 2 from Evelyn Avenue to Kelley Avenue is estimated at approximately $438,000. It will be funded with SB1 State Local Partnership Formulaic Program support. Funding will ensure construction in the second half of 2020.

Legion – Phase 3 from Kelley Avenue to Western city limits is estimated at $725,000 and is scheduled for completion in late 2020. Surface Transportation Block Grant Funding will make this project possible in the late 2020, early 2021 window.

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